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  • What is YIT Foundation?
    Founded in 2016, the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation is a non for profit full 501(c)3 foundation based in Monticello, New York (Sullivan County) which helps families with premature newborns (“preemies”), military service veterans and their families. We help provide housing, healthcare and other necessary assistance to veterans who need our help. At YIT Foundation, we are driven by a single goal: to help families that struggle to see their preemies in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) as they often live far from the hospital. We also work to provide permanent housing to homeless military veterans and often help them secure available benefits and entitlements to help offset living expenses.
  • Do I qualify for YIT services?
    We are here to serve primarily military service veterans. We focus on two difficult situations which are low-income families with premature babies (those currently in NICU or have been within the last 30 days). The second is finding safe living situations for low-income or homeless veterans. Both are critical, difficult situations where we can make a difference with your help. For Families of Premature Babies: Babies born prematurely and still in NICU (or who were in NICU within last 30-days). Services provided to military veterans and low-income families only. For Housing Services: Military service veterans and low-income families. If you have questions about qualifying for our services, please contact us.
  • Why should I donate to YIT?
    You will be providing critical assistance and resources to families. This assistance will be donated in two situations: First, for low-income and military veteran families with premature babies who are in NICU. Second, you will be helping low-income, military veterans have decent, affordable living conditions. If you, or your organization, are interested in supporting service veterans in these situations, please contact us to get involved. Please view our donation page to learn more about donating to YIT Foundation.
  • Where does my donation money go?
    Charitable donations go to support families with premature babies as well as supporting low-income and/or homeless military veterans . For preemies, we buy diapers, formula and clothes. For low-income and/or homeless veterans, we help fund their safe permanent living spaces and help with living needs.
  • How much of my proceeds are given to YIT families?
    100% of charitable donations are directed to help families with premature babies as well as to help low-income and/or homeless veterans.
  • Where are our services provided?
    Rockland County, Orange County, Ulster County, Sullivan County, Albany County To recieve our services you do not need to be located in the counties, as long your preemies are in the NICU in the counties that we provide help in. If you are a low-income vet or homeless vet you must be located in the sate of NY to recieve our services. Please visit our Services page to learn more about our specific services.
  • How can I get involved to help YIT families?
    Our foundation, and the families we serve, rely on the charitable donations and support from our donors. There are many ways you can lend your support and we look forward to hearing from you. You can send any inquiries to get involved to or contact us.
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