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Sponsor Speed Family Story

Baby Maggie Speed

"We are Tyler and Jenna. Together we have a beautiful baby girl named Maggie. Maggie was born at 32 weeks and spent 42 days in NICU. We met Sharon shortly after Maggie came home from the hospital.


Tyler is a veteran who was recovering from a surgery months prior. We were in a tough spot but the help from Sharon and her foundation has been absolutely amazing. We are blessed that she provides us with items such as diapers and formula every month due to the fact it’s extremely difficult to find Maggie’s preemie formula, Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare for Preemies, as well as keeping on top of expenses.


We still find it challenging to provide clothes, sensory toys and other basic essentials for Maggie since I (Jenna) am unable to work. Maggie needs 24/7 care because she has GI issues and well and a decreased immune system because she is a preemie."

-Jenna Speed

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