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Sponsor Militello Family Story

Baby Kamani

"Thankful for the VA Women Center Deadra and Dorthy for the referral to YIT Foundation. Since the first day of me contacting, Sharon has been a tremendous help. I did not have to worry about how I was going to see Kamani while she was in the NICU. Before Sharon and I brought her home, YIT Foundation teamed up with My Brother Vinnie to get all the beddings and things that were needed for my place. I was Medical Retired from the Army from MST (Military Sexual Trauma).


Sharon have helped me during the course of getting the counseling that I needed to where I did not have to start over as I would of relived the situation.  She helps me understand nothing was my fault it is ok to speak my truth and story for others out there in the military that maybe going through what I been through or have been through.


Kamani is my miracle baby that was born at 33 weeks with a heart condition. We have to wait utill she is 12 lbs to get the surgery that is needed. Tricare has not been really helpful so Sharon helped us to be provided by Medicare/Medicaid. Oxygen machine that Kamani sleeps with at night, YIT Foundation found away to help provide. We would not know where we would be without the help. We are grateful and appreciative each day. I can not wait until Kamani has her shots so we can have a NICU mom day with the other mothers in the area that are part of YIT Foundation."

- Jah Amar Brito

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